1. Steelhead Run

From the recording Steelhead Run

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I rarely have an opportunity to mix my day job with my musical life but recently did with this new song, "Steelhead Run".  I like to write songs about moments that move me in some way.  As a watershed planner working to restore ecosystems from a watershed perspective,  I've worked on endangered steelhead trout restoration projects for over a decade.    Mary Larson, a mentor and leader in the steelhead recovery program, told me I should write a song about steelhead, so here it is.  I love how the song mimics the movements of steelhead overcoming obstacles from the headwaters to the oceans and back up to the mountains on their migratory journey. We endeavor to bring down the barriers and other limiting factors so that steelhead can once again return to their native streams.  The time is now.  We can make a change.  Special thanks to incredibly gifted and kind Tom Zink (Grammy-nominated) who produced, edited, recorded, mixed, and mastered the single.   So many thanks and kudos to Tom on piano and percussion, Bob Moore (Disney artist) on guitar, and Grammy-nominated Suemy Gonzalez on violin creating this soulful song of the steelhead.  Thanks to Mary Larson, John O'Brien, George Sutherland, Drew Irby, Ted Johnson, Tim Brick, Lewis MacAdams, Mark Capelli, Kerwin Russell, Sandi Jacobson, Stillwater Sciences, and many other champions of steelhead recovery.  What's good for the fish is good for people!


Steelhead Run
Vs 1:  I hear the sound of rushing water as steelhead run
I see a glimpse of ancient days as steelhead run
Chorus: Run steelhead run steelhead run to the highest mountain
Run steelhead run steelhead run 'til you reach the ocean run run
Vs 2:  Passing bridges and highways through ridges and valleys
We follow we follow the sound of rushing rushing waters
Bridge:  A new day is coming and we can make a change (repeat)
The barriers come down (repeat)
All barriers come down (repeat)
Repeat Vs 1 and Chorus