From the recording Spirit of Christmas

I wrote this song last Christmas. I knew I wanted to include it on my new Christmas album this year. I worked on it more--creating a flowing melody for the chorus, "...the gift of love, the gift of peace, the gift of hope, the gift of joy..." The third verse connects with the Naphtali song and also reverence for God. "Hush now in silence. All creatures bow before Him. More than just a memory...He's with us now until the end." I also felt impressed to write about the Holy Spirit so I added the tag ending, "His loving Spirit gently stirs within." This song brings wonderful family memories to mind...sitting by the fireplace on colder winter nights, thinking about Christmas, and snow, of course! I hope you feel warm and cozy as you listen to this song.


Spirit of Christmas (copyright 2013 Wendy Katagi) Snow falls so gently Chimneys churn we stoke the fire Faces glowing pine boughs burning When we think of Christmas We join hands together We pray for our neighbor Have you a need? I will help you. As my heart grows fonder The gift of love the gift of peace The gift of hope the gift of joy I pray all these and more be yours On Christmas and throughout the year Hush now in silence All creatures bow before Him More than just a memory He's with us now until the end He's here Jesus how we need you here Your loving spirit gently stirs within.