1. Naphtali

From the recording Naphtali

I wrote this song by weaving together a haiku I published called, "The Fawn", my relationship with God and my mother, the verse in Genesis 49:21 about Naphtali, and my love for nature. The fawn represents you and I. The mother deer represents my mother or even God the Father and how much we are loved. We are called to arise when it is our time to dance and fly. We are all created in the image of God. He created us with great purpose. The picture of the beautiful stag on the cover of the album captures the Spirit of Christmas and God's prophetic word to Naphtali from Genesis 49:21. "Naphtali is a deer roaming at liberty; he shooteth forth goodly branches," or majestic antlers [Taylor; Scripture Illustrations], and the meaning of the prophecy seems to be that the tribe of Naphtali would be located in a territory so fertile and peaceable, that, feeding on the richest pasture, he would spread out, like a deer branching antlers. God's grace prevails. I hope this song touches your heart. I played the piano on the recording.


Naphtali (copyright 2013 Wendy Katagi) (Based on the haiku, "The Fawn", written by Wendy Matsuda, published by National Poetry Press) "The Fawn" Trickling sunlight Touching a fawn's spotted head A warm breeze sweeps by Brown eyes search wide Beneath the towering pines Her mother draws nigh Naphtali arise Your time has come Run with freedom Run with strength Naphtali on high Dance and fly As we touch the sky Bright clouds of white Sing winter's lullaby Beautiful night Bounding over each hillside Under star lit skies In the quiet I hear your calm voice saying I love you always Always